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3 fundamental motorcycle safety tips

Riding a motorcycle comes with a lot of freedom. Few things feel quite as exhilarating as hopping on your bike and enjoying a ride. However, there are risks to riding a motorcycle. You are more exposed to road hazards and less protected than when you are inside a vehicle. 

If you adhere to some safety tips, you can be a safer motorcyclist and reduce your chances of crashing. Here are the top guidelines to be a safe biker. 

Who is legally responsible for a trucking accident?

When you get into an accident with a semitruck that was not your fault, the trucker is most likely responsible. The driver may have been drunk, drowsy, distracted or reckless in any other way. However, in other instances, the driver may not be liable, or at least not the only one. 

It is important to know who else may be liable for the accident, so you know your options in suing for financial compensation. Review the specifics of your case with a personal injury lawyer to determine if you can pursue damages from any of these parties as well.

Common causes of distractions for truckers

When you hear the words distracted drivers, the first thing that may come to mind is regular motorists. You see and hear about distracted passenger vehicle drivers in Pennsylvania every day. But if you happen to travel the stretch of the I-81 highway near Carlisle, you are probably no stranger to the frequent reports of truck accidents

Commercial vehicle accidents are not always the result of mechanical failures and reckless motorists. Many of them occur because truckers encounter distractions. Distractions are issues that all motorists struggle with, especially commercial vehicle operators. It is important for you to understand how much even a small distraction can lead to accidents and death. Below are some common distractions that affect truckers. 

3 reasons auto injuries may not be immediately apparent

When you get in a car accident, your initial reaction may simply be thankfulness to be alive. Indeed, many collisions end in fatality, so if you are still breathing, you are fortunate. The shock of the situation and the rush of feelings often precede awareness of any physical injuries, though, and you may not immediately realize you have sustained an injury.

Whether the accident was minor or serious, your body has been through trauma, though signs might not be apparent until much later. There are several reasons this is a common occurrence, so if your symptoms arrive late, you should not discount their legitimacy.

3 of the most common car accident myths

Car accidents are one of the most stressful situations you can find yourself in, but they are also a common occurrence. According to Forbes, the average driver files a claim for a collision about every 18 years, so that means you are likely to experience at least a few accidents within your lifetime. There are a few myths you should be aware of that may affect your behavior following such an accident, though.

If you want to be an informed driver and ensure your protection in the aftermath of the collision, do not fall for any of these myths.

3 ways to expedite recovery from an injury

Being injured is not only painful. It is also inconvenient as it limits your abilities, and it is expensive as medical bills accumulate. You are likely anxious to make a full recovery, but sometimes this eagerness can lead to actions which actually prolong recovery time.

If you want to feel back up to speed as soon as possible, there are a few ways to accomplish this. Follow these three tips to reclaim your health after an injury.

What to do after a truck accident

Getting into a truck accident can be an extremely frightening and stressful experience, in addition to potentially causing serious injuries. The size and weight of a commercial truck often substantially increases the resulting damage and raises the chance of fatalities. Taking the right steps after your accident can help you and your attorney build a stronger case to get you the compensation you need.

First, you need to take care of your medical treatment. First responders may take you to the emergency room. Whether you stay at the hospital or get discharged, you need to follow up on your treatment by taking stock of symptoms and seeing a doctor as soon as possible.

Common types of trucks and the dangers they pose

Many drivers feel justifiably wary about driving next to commercial trucks. These vehicles' large size and weight can make them more difficult to steer and increase the damage that can result from an accident, especially to motorists traveling in passenger cars. Additionally, the various types of trucks may present specific risks for smaller vehicles sharing the road with them.

Liquid and gas transports

Distracted driving and truck accidents

If you want to increase your awareness of road safety, you can begin by understanding some common causes of serious accidents. Concerns about the phenomenon of driver distraction continue to grow as the number of resulting accidents climbs. Knowing the basic types of distraction can help you avoid this behavior yourself and stay away from distracted drivers in other vehicles.

Sharing the road with large trucks

Being on the road with lots of big rigs can be intimidating for drivers of passenger vehicles and motorcycles. After all, getting into a crash with a big truck can increase the resulting damage exponentially. Because semis are so heavy, the force with which they can slam into a car is much greater than that of a sedan. Another reason to be wary is that the loads trucks carry can come loose and add to the damage; some are also flammable.

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