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Who pays when a family gets hurt?

In late September, a Missouri family set out for a long-awaited trip to Disney world. The family of four made it safely to the Magic Kingdom, but on the way home--after making one last stop at the beach--the family's car was side-swiped by another vehicle, sending them careening into a tree. Both parents were killed on impact. The two children remain in critical condition.

After the Injury: What to do if it's permanent

Adjusting to life after a significant injury can be overwhelming. Medical appointments, physical therapy, and adjusting to limited mobility all cause distress. In addition, the financial stress of not working can create result in relationship issues, as well as depression and anxiety. As if all that were not enough, your doctor has now told you your injuries are permanent--you can no longer work.

Are medical errors underreported?

When we seek medical care, we put our trust in medical professionals, clinics, and hospitals that they will give us the right advice in regard to what to do to take care of ourselves. When we need a medical procedure done, we trust the people performing those procedures are fully qualified, and are fully prepared to do their job.

Could a motorcycle helmet save your life?

The warmer spring weather throughout the state of Pennsylvania brings with it many changes. For those who enjoy riding motorcycles, it may mean heading out for their first ride of the season. While the activity is enjoyable for many, it can also be dangerous. The lack of protection a motorcycle offers passengers, from other larger vehicles, could result in serious injuries, or even death, to those riders. Taking proper safety precautions can lower the risk of serious injuries occurring in an accident.

Is sleep the key to reducing truck accidents?

Recently, there have been many reports in the media regarding the importance of getting enough sleep to staying healthy. Among other things it contributes the one's alertness. While there are many occupations in which being alert is important, this is particularly true where truck drivers are concerned.

Proving negligence in a slip and fall

Falls are all too common throughout the state of Pennsylvania. There are many reasons and situations in which they might occur. Whether it happens at your workplace, at another person's home or in a store, it can result in serious injuries. These injuries could lead to prolonged or permanent impairment and necessitate expensive treatment.

What you should know about trucking accident lawsuits

While it is true that serious injuries could occur in motor vehicle accidents of all types, the injuries suffered by those involved in a truck accident are generally more devastating than those involving smaller vehicles. When someone is injured, or dies, in such an incident, it may be possible to recoup damages for the injuries or loss.

Do you know what to do following a car accident?

With the prevalence of motor vehicles on roads throughout the state of Pennsylvania, it is inevitable that some of them will be involved in car accidents. The moments following a car crash can be chaotic and the severity of these incidents can vary widely. Regardless the specifics of each accident, all drivers involved in crashes in the state, should follow these steps.

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